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The Japanese Navy’s main fighter was active from the middle to the end of WWII
has been realistically reproduced.

Technical Data

■Length 1197mm
■Width 1400mm
■Weight 3,100g approx.(with 4st 56 engine installed)
■Engine  4 Cycle 56~62、or 2 Cycle 46~55(sold separately)
■Wing Area 36.8dm2
■Wing Load 84.2g/dm2 approx.
■Wing Type Original semi-symmetrical
■R/C System 6ch 8 servo(sold separately)
■Propeller D11×P6~D13×P7(sold separately)
■Fuel Tank 290cc

Kit Content

<Kit Contents>
●Assembled fuselage covered in printed film
●Linkage parts set
●Engine mount
●Motor mount (use when converting to electric motor power)
●Fuel tank
●Silicone tube
●Scale spinner

Requirement to Run

<Required for Operation>
●6ch R/C system for airplanes (7 x servos + 1 servo for retracts)
●Batteries for transmitter and receiver
●2 Cycle 46~55 or 4 Cycle 56~62 engine
●Glow fuel for airplanes
●Engine starting tools (plug heater, starter, starter battery, battery charger)
●D11×P6~D13×P7 propeller
●2 x 200mm Y shaped (split) extension cords for aileron and flap servos
●2 x 300mm extension cords for aileron servos
●3 x 100mm extension cords for retracts servo, aileron and flap
●Nylon stopper
●Sponge sheet
●Weight for adjusting center of gravity


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