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E-gyro with precision setting optimizes driving stability across the entire speed range! Enjoy running direct lines and full banking turns! Micro MOTO Racer is ready to excite!

Technical Data

■Length: 118mm
■Width: 41mm
■Height: 73mm
■Wheelbase: 85mm (varies according to caster angle adjustment)
■Tire(F/R): Φ32.7×7.1mm / Φ35.2×11.3mm
■Weight: 85g approx.
■Motor: Coreless drive motor/KV7000 Brushless E-gyro motor
■Battery: 3.7V-120mA Li-Po (included)

Kit Content

<Set Contects>
●Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed (pairing with transmitter is complete)
●Pre-painted factory assembled plastic body finished with markings
●KT-19 transmitter
●USB powered charger
●3.7V-120mA Li-Po battery
●Display rear stand
●Hexagonal wrench

Requirement to Run

<Required for operation>
●AAA size alkaline batteries x 4 for transmitter


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