R/C EP TOURING CAR Ferrari 250 GTO Yellow 30392Y
Excl. Tax: ¥17,500 Incl. Tax: ¥19,250

No : 30392Y

JAN : 4955439047439

R/C EP TOURING CAR Ferrari 250 GTO Yellow 30392Y

The RM-type of the new MR-015 chassis bring forth the next generation of the Mini-Z!
The RM-type of the newly developed MR-015 chassis gives full expression to the real form of fine motor vehicles by allowing a variety of wheelbase and tread combinations, large or small overhangs, and high or low chassis height settings. And it shares some parts with the MR-02 including the digital servo and high frequency amp. High performance and stunning scale form are achieved simultaneously. The flexibility of the MR-015 allows a huge variety of body variations and driving styles, from street machines to racing cars. The R32GTR that dominated the Gr.A from 1990 ~ 1993 is known in its current day Alpha 156 GTA form, and the face of American motoring, the Chevrolet Capris, are both here to start a new motoring story with the Mini-Z.

■全長 125(S)、129(M)、133(L)mm 
■全幅 65~76mm 
■グランドクリアランス 4mm 
■ホイールベース 86(S)、90(M)、94(L)mm 
■トレッド(F/R) 56.5~63.5mm/56.5~65mm 
■タイヤ(F/R) Φ 25×8.5mm/ Φ 25×8.5~11mm 
■ギヤレシオ 7.3、6.3、5.5、4.9:1 
■全備重量 約130g 
■モーター 130クラス

●R/C ユニット組込済み工場完成シャシー