MR-03 Chassis Set w/o TX ASF2.4GHz Chase 32750
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No : 32750

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MR-03 Chassis Set w/o TX ASF2.4GHz Chase 32750

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Experience the intensity of nose to tail racing battles with this Chase mode version! Even includes a handicap system!
New design concept dramatically increases overtaking and passing!

Low center of gravity design features optimized front suspension that aligns camber angle with suspension stroke in this new generation MR-03 chassis that is also equipped with an RA-22B/FET receiver-amp unit with Chase mode to turbo-boost the excitement of racing. When the Chase mode is activated, a power limiter restricts power output to 70% of full throttle. However, when the opportunity presents itself, push the overtake button on the 3-channel transmitter (sold separately) and output is instantaneously increased to 100% for a 3-second burst of speed. Inspired by the boost button on full-size formula racing machines, this new feature dramatically increases the intensity of racing action! Controlling the maximum speed actually allows better driving lines and supports easier control. But once the overtake button is pushed, the machine pounces on the opposition like a tiger in attack! However once you're in front, you become the hunted. The lead can change numerous times during a race with much more overtaking, adding greater excitement to your racing. Also, the Chase mode can be set so the overtake button can only be used a certain number of times per machine (optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and PC are required). This allows you to apply a handicapping system by restricting the number of speed bursts each car can use, allowing beginners to compete on a more even footing with more experienced drivers. Of course, the new MR-03 is compatible with the stunning range of MINI-Z body styles so you can match your automotive style with the advantage of the latest MINI-Z technology (some parts may be required to fit some body types). Turbo-boost the excitement of your R/C racing with the revolutionary new Chase mode and the MINI-Z Racer.

●Unique front suspension [VCS] changes the camber angle in accordance with suspension stroke.
●Features ASF 2.4GHz control system that requires no frequency bands. A single transmitter can be used with multiple models. **Transmitter is sold separately.
●Front suspension can be re-arranged with parts included so bodies for the MR-015/02 chassis can be fitted. (* some motor cases are sold separately)
●Includes motor case conversion to change standard LM to RM type. Compatible with various body styles.
●Coil spring on the front suspension can be easily replaced by removing the spring stopper with just two screws.
●Shipped in standard mode. Change to Chase mode with the push of a single button. Other setting changes can be made by using I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
●Necessary to use 3ch transmitter when using chase mode.

About the Chase mode function.

“Chase mode” functions to limit power output to 70% of full throttle. When the moment comes to attack, a push of the 3rd channel button on the transmitter increases power output to 100% for 3-second burst of speed. This enables greater driving control and also adds the excitement of overtaking duels so drivers can enjoy nose to tail racing battles. Also, the number of power boosts can be set to apply a handicapping system to level the playing field for drivers of different experience levels. At the time of shipment, the overtake function is set to a maximum of 5 times per race.

How to activate the Chase mode

At the time of shipment, the MR-03 with Chase mode is set with its standard 100% power output setting. The Chase mode is activated simply by pressing and holding down the pairing button.


■Length: 124~133mm(MM Chassis:125~133mm, RM Chassis:124~132mm)
■Width: 65~76mm
■Height: 34~35mm
■Wheelbase: 86~106mm(86, 90, 94, 98, 102, 106)
■Tread (F/R): (Wide)61.5mm / 59mm (Narrow)56.5mm / 56.5mm [when wheel offset is 0] 
■Tire(F/R): 23.5~25×8.5mm / 25~27×8.5~11mm
■Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
■Weight: 135g approx.
■Motor: 130-Class

< Chassis Set Contents >
●MR-03W factory assembled MM chassis installed with an RA-22B/FET receiver-Amp unit
●Lower and upper plate for narrow tread (front) and steering tie rod (included)
●RM type motor case (included)
●Front suspension adjustment spacers
●6T, 7T, 8T, 9T Pinion Gears
●Wheel wrench
●Pinion removing tools
●Spare wheel nut
●Pairing (Binding) stick
< Required for Operation >
●Compatible ASF 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter for MINI-Z
●Auto Scale Collection (body set, wheels, Tyres)
●4 x AAA sized alkaline batteries or 4 x Ni-MH for chassis
●Batteries for transmitter <8 x AA sized alkaline batteries if using recommended EX-5UR>
●I.C.S. USB adapter (No.82080) for adjustment of Chase mode function and use of the I.C.S. function
●Not guaranteed on overtaking function (chase mode) when using R246 2.4GHz module adapter and use 3ch transmitter other than Kyosho or KO.
●Possible to run using 2ch KT 18 transmitter, but cannot to start chase mode.