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Radio Controlled Electric Powered 4WD Racing Car FANTOM EP 4WD 30635

No: 30635
Jan: 4548565387663
Sale date: 2020年07月
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The king of 1/12 electric racing returns…

with its captivating avant-garde design!

Technical Data

■Length 345mm
■Width 172mm
■Height 83mm
■Chassis type Chain drive4WD
■Wheelbase 199-200mm(Adjustable)
■Front tread 135mm
■Rear tread 133mm 
■Weight approx.1,500g(with GAB4201)
■Motor 540class(both sold separately)
■1st gear ratio 3.38:1
■Front tire diameter φ48
■Rear tire diameter φ53
■Front tire width 23mm
■Rear tire width 35mm
■Used propo 2~3ch 2servo
■※Maximum Speed 約55km/h (with Le Mans480T BL)
■※Driving Time approx.23minutes(with Le Mans480T BL)

※Depends on driving conditions

Kit Content

<Kit Contents>
●Chassis kit
●Adhesive shaped tire
●Unpainted body
●Wheel wrench(12/4.0)


Requirement to Run

<Required for Operation>
●2ch, 1 servo, 1 ESC R/C system
●Battery for chassis
Battery charger
Batteries for transmitter
Paint for body

Available size:Receiving machine46x34x18mm/Servo:35.5x15x28.6mm/ESC:40x40x26mm/Battery:138x48x23mm

Recommended product:No.82151Noble NB4 4ch Tx/Rxset/GAB4201 Gens ace LiPo 4000 Straight pack(45C/7.4V)

Suitable servo:FUTABA S9670SV、BLS671SVi/SANWA PGS-HR、SRG-HS、SRG-HR※Please fix it with two screws on the servo mount./KO RSx3-12 H.C、RSx3-12、RSx3-12 GT version、RSx3-12 World spec version   


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