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  1. Warning Relating to Copied and Counterfeit Products

    Thank you for your continued support of KYOSHO products.

    From around June 2022, it has been confirmed that products imitating the KYOSHO MINI-Z 4x4 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon have been sold.

    Damage from the sale of counterfeit products is spreading and has been confirmed in the United States, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, as well as other countries and online sales websites.

    An identifying feature of the counterfeit product is the absence of the KYOSHO logo on the transmitter and chassis.

    When purchasing, check carefully that the logo mark is present on the transmitter to avoid the imitation product.

    *Images of the real KYOSHO product may be used on sales websites etc., please make sure the product you are purchasing is made by "KYOSHO" before purchasing.

    Retailers who purchase counterfeit products for the purpose of reselling them may be subject to prosecution.
    Please ensure to purchase only authentic KYOSHO products.


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  2. Inferno MP10 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

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  3. ミニッツを始めてみたい方へ!5000円OFFクーポン適用アイテムのご案内


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  4. ミニッツ川柳結果発表


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  5. ホビーのある生活応援キャンペーン【終了しました】


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  6. ミニッツ川柳大募集【終了しました】



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  8. Happy New Year

    Game Instructions:”Karuta” is a traditional card game played in Japan during New Year. When the Reader calls out a letter, look for a corresponding picture card with that letter. If you find it, touch the picture card and say “Yes”. Continue until all picture cards have been claimed. The person with the most cards at the end is the winner. By the way, there is a theory that the name “karuta” is derived from the word “carta” which means “card” in Portuguese.

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  9. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE INFERNO CUSTOMERS! すべてのインファーノユーザーへ感謝の気持ちを捧げます!

    『頂点の技術をすべての人に』そのインファーノ哲学とともに、世界中のインファーノユーザーに支えられて歩み続けた30年。1991年にインファーノが誕生してから1/8オフロードGPバギーシーンにおいてモデルチェンジのたびに新技術を投入し、10代目となるインファーノMP10 TKI2まで進化を続けてきました。インファーノで最高峰のRCカテゴリーの世界を共有していただいたすべてのインファーノユーザーに感謝いたします。

    2021年 おかげさまでインファーノ誕生から30年


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  10. A special “MINI-Z 4×4 Series Ready Set Suzuki Jimny Sierra APIO JIMNY TS4” website is now available!

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